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Mother, have you been well? I'm sorry for not keeping in touch, but all sorts of thing have been happening ever since summer. There was a huge incident, and youkai who were our former enemies fought alongside us. It was dangerous, but I didn't do anything too reckless, so don't worry.
Oh, right! You may not believe this, Mother, but I took a trip to the moon on a flying ship. If I ever return to Makai, I'll tell you all about it.


Whew, what else should I write about? Now that I've started, I feel like there's no end to it.

Someone knocks on the door.

I'm coming in, Alice.


Could you not let yourself into other people's houses?

Isn't it normal to, when the door's unlocked?

This is a freshly bloomed cattleya. I thought it would look nice by your window.

...Thank you. But still, I'd like you to ask before you come in.

Come to think of it, I haven't seen you since the hot springs.

I dropped by for tea. There's also a little something that's been on my mind.

What could that be?

The base of the mountain has been badly burnt. You wouldn't happen to know what happened there?

Of course, the trees and soil aren't nearly so fragile as that.

That was Shiro's fault. You didn't hear about this from Elly or Kurumi?

Shiro, you say?

Apparently, it really didn't care for this youkai named Utsuho getting her hands on the power of Yatagarasu. So it recklessly attacked her and made the power go out of control.

...Yet another worthless action.

It seems that as long as it could get rid of the power of nuclear fusion, it didn't care what happened to Utsuho. Yuuka, you know something about Shiro's master, right? So can't you-

I suppose I could tell you where she's from, at least.

I hear she's originally from the outside world. And she doesn't have fond memories of the culture out there. I'm sure that's also why she hates new cultures and ideas.

I see, the outside world... But what is she thinking?

I'm sure she's afraid of the same thing happening here in Gensokyo. Although I really don't get why she's so deadly serious about all this.

...I see. I'm starting to understand why she does what she does.

So where is she then? We've been looking to no avail.

That's all I'm going to tell you. Chasing her down is your job.

Wait, are you dodging the question again?

No. I'm simply not interested in investigating the incident she's causing. If you're running into trouble, then deal with it yourselves.

So you don't plan to lend a hand then.

Don't expect me to come running every time you beg for help.

I understand. It was only a morsel, but thank you for the information.

I intend to observe how things play out from my own position.


...This is hardly the atmosphere to relax with some tea, is it?

Good day, then. I'm sure we'll meet again.