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I'm sorry, we've just run out of teacakes.

Oh don't mind me, just tea will be fine.

I'm impressed, people usually aren't so accomodating when I come for an interview.

That's just because of how you normally behave...

So, what are you here for today?

I'm here to ask some questions regarding the vengeful spirit incident the other day, as well as the business with Utsuho. Any proper article requires the opinion of a well-informed individual who was at the scene.

You were at the scene too, so I'm sure you could write whatever you wanted.

And normally I'd do that, to hilarious results. But since this happened in the Underworld, I can't just do what I please.

Are you worried that if you write poorly, you might cause problems with the Underworld? In that case, there's no need to force yourself to write an article at all.

I'd say it's the opposite. I definitely want to publish this article.

Humans like Reimu, as well as the younger youkai, aren't prejudiced against the Underworld. It'd be a disgrace for me to write an article caught up in existing perspectives.

So that's why you wanted to hear my thoughts on the matter. In that case, I'll cooperate to the best of my abilities.

Thank you, that would be very helpful!

Gensokyo is always changing, so I think being flexible is very important. I, too, write my Gensokyo Chronicles with an eye towards-

Yukari gaps in.

Indeed, I'm rooting for you.

Wah, Yukari!

Good afternoon. Were you listening, Yukari?

The Gensokyo Chronicles is a catalogue of those who live here. It should reflect the truths of those residents. Although sometimes you can be quick to insert your own opinions.

A harsh criticism, but I'm glad you enjoyed reading it.

...You two seem to be treating this casually. Do you come here often, Yukari?

I come to review the nearly-completed Gensokyo Chronicles, when I can find the time. Although given the circumstances, perhaps I should return another day.

That might be best. I'll be having an interview with Aya.

There's no need to be impatient. You should carefully collect everything that's happened these past months.

...It certainly HAS been busy. First there was the hidden moon incident, then the vengeful spirit geyser incident...

Don't forget the time when Reimu and the others went to the moon.

Many of the events this past half year have had to with things outside of Gensokyo.

I participated in the investigation too, and got to see human-youkai relations from up close. From that, I've felt that both humans and youkai really are changing.

Not only did we befriend the Lunarians, we even formed a connection with the Underworld youkai. To us older youkai who know what happened in the past, this would have been unthinkable.

To accept them without rejecting the past would make for a fine future prospect for the surface.

Gensokyo's gates have always been open, after all.