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...The way the magic sticks to your skin... This is definitely Makai.

This place really is the best. Although even I'm shocked at how much easier it is to relax here.

...Now then, she was somewhere around here, right?


I know you're here. Can you hear me?

That voice. How long has it been...?

I'm Mima. This is the second time we've talked like this.

I can't see the other side of the seal, but it's been the same as always, right?

I've been counting the days. And there's also someone who often comes to talk...

My body is sealed, so I should thank you for the kind treatment.

No need to be so modest, you're the one who agreed to your own sealing.

...Everything has been due to my own unworthiness.

More importantly, I visited the surface recently, and you wouldn't believe the stories I have for you.

What do you mean...?

A while back I heard about a flying ship. I went and found it buried in the Underworld. A powerful ritual implement like that struck my curiosity, so it was a pretty interesting trip.

And, just like you feared, your disciples were sealed along with it.

...So they really were. I have no words...

But the story doesn't end there. Their companions still on the surface gathered together a group of humans and youkai and dug up the ship. Even now, they're moving to rescue you.

...! Something like that is really-!

From what I saw, that's still a ways off though. I know they're trying at least.

...It has been over a thousand years since I failed to help them, yet they still yearn for me? Even though it was my actions that got them caught up in this...

That's just how popular a priest you are. Popular, and powerful enough to get sealed away. I wish I could fight you, at least once.

But that's all I know. The rest is up to them.

...So you don't intend to meet Shou or the others ever again?

I'm planning to stick around in Makai from here on out. I doubt I'll get the chance.

...Surely you could convey at least one of my words to them for me. I can't have them working for my sake any more than they already have...

I'm sure you've got plenty of feelings about it, but I've got my own things to do. Plus, I want to see whether or not the power of faith can reach even here.

...Very well. There is nothing I can say to that.


(Marisa, I'm in Makai now... I wonder what you're up to now. I'm following my own path. You should stick to using your own magic, too.)

(I'm looking forward to when we meet again, someday.)