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...All right, Utsuho, next I want you to try and make a flame exactly half as hot as that one.

Calm down so you can speak to Yatagarasu.

Okay, I'll try...

Utsuho charges up.

...I did it! I did it Miss Kanako, Miss Suwako!

Great job. I'm surprised how fast you're getting the hang of this.

It looks like your experience regulating heat in the Remains of Blazing Hell is paying off. But you're still recovering, you mustn't push yourself.

Don't worry, that's what this special training is-



Utsuho falls over.

Look, you can barely stand.

I-I'm fine. I just tripped...

...I suppose your body isn't ready for this yet after all. We'll visit again, so try to get some rest in the meantime.

...But I hate being the only one doing nothing. I can still kind of remember everyone doing their best to stop me, so I want to at least...


Very well, we'll continue. Within reason.

Forgive me for asking this again, but are you truly okay with this, Utsuho? After what you're been through, I wouldn't blame you if you wished for me to find to find a way to remove Yatagarasu's power.

No thanks, don't take it back yet.

So you haven't changed your mind then.

...I still don't know what I should be doing, but if you took away this power, then I really wouldn't be able to do anything.

So even after that incident, you still haven't abandoned your dreams.

Of course, I get that I shouldn't cause any more trouble. That's why I want to get better at using this so I can be useful to everyone.

We're patient, we'll help you out. We were planning to take this gradually in the first place, anyway.

So this time, you'll make yourself into a sun that shines hope everywhere, huh?

...Yeah. I'm still not sure if I really can but... But even so, I want to make Miss Satori smile.

Speaking of Satori, I still haven't seen her aroun-

In comes Satori and Orin.

Good work, everyone.

I wasn't sure how this was gonna work out, but seeing you get some real practice in takes a load off my mind.

Sorry for letting ourselves in.

We tried to announce ourselves when we arrived, but you weren't in.

...My apologies, I had something to take care of.

Oh, is something going on around here?

...No, I was simply taking a walk.


Looks like your training to control that divine power is going well.

Yeah, we were surprised how good her grasp of the basics was. I bet you two have mixed feelings about this though.

...If this is what Okuu wants, then I plan to be there for her. Furthermore, I understand very well that you're doing this with the best of intentions.

Hearing you say that makes this easier on us.

So how are things in the palace? If there's anything else we could help out with, then-

Thank you for the offer, but we're fine here. If something comes up, we'll have a chance to discuss it next time.

I see. We're always willing to lend you an ear.

Well, I think this is a good stopping point for today's training. We'll be back later, so get some rest, Okuu.

Okay, see you later.

Kanako and Suwako leave.

We're getting a lot more visitors at the palace these days.

Yes, the doctor from the surface has been coming often too. We'll be in her care for a while.

I'm sorry for leaving their reception up to you, Orin.

I-I don't mind. I know you're busy, Miss Satori.

Miss Koishi still hasn't come home, has she?

...No. Not to eat, nor to change her clothes.

Up until now, she's always been back by night.

So to have her missing for a whole week...


Maybe she got lost somewhere? I'm still not really sure why she left though...

...I'm sure my words drove her off.

Miss Satori...

Maybe we should have done this earlier, but how about we ask the oni to help look for her?

Right, and I'm sure Lady Kanako would-

That's enough, you two. This is our problem. We need to handle this ourselves.


(...Please show yourself, Koishi. I have to apologize...)

(And... this is the only place you have to come back to...)