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Phew, I can finally see the ground.

It's better than last year, I guess, but I keep shoveling and shoveling and there's no end to it.

It's your job, isn't it? Just shut up and do it.

And what about YOU? If you're gonna hang out here, then help out. How about you melt the snow with that fancy new Hakkero or something?

Sorry, but it's reserved as my personal heater. I'm not handing it over.

Sheesh, every last one of you are unbelievable. What do you think a shrine IS?

You all think you can just come here to hang out, shoot some danmaku, then leave without cleaning up.

Oh c'mon, admit it, you're having fun too.

...Yeah, I guess. Always having someone around to fight isn't that bad.

So how about it? Getting enough exercise to shake the porch should warm you up.

Oh? It's not every day that YOU'RE the one picking the fight.

The secondary protagonists come over.

...Hey, why'd you stop shoveling?

Hm? That sounded like-

Would you like me to help out, Reimu?

Don't spoil her. She needs to do it herself.

Never thought I'd see you three together.

I came to check up on this place, and bumped into them on the way.

And then we started talking about Shiro.

...I see. Let me in on that then. I've been looking for it ever since then, but haven't found a single hair.

I haven't seen it at the shrine either, or even heard any rumors.

So even Marisa, the one who knows Shiro best, has no idea...

It might be difficult to find and catch it as long as it doesn't take any action. But apparently Yuuka told Alice more about what Shiro really is.

What? Really?

Yes, although it really wasn't very much.

It seems Shiro's master was originally from the outside world. And it was her experiences out there that led her to hate new ideas.

I see, so that's why she considered the lunar culture and Kanako's plans her enemies.

It's kinda weird to mix the outside world with what's in Gensokyo, though.

Yes, I thought so too.

They may serve the same roles, but foreign technology and fantastic powers are used very differently. Both our trip to the moon and Yatagarasu's nuclear fusion were ultimately fueled by fantasy, and have nothing to do with the outside world.

Maybe she doesn't understand the difference between the two worlds. That must be why she's okay with rejecting Gensokyo's way of doing things.

...Yeah, we'd definitely never think of purging anything.

So did Yuuka give you anything else? Like, a name or an address...?

Unfortunately, no.

So she's playing coy again?

...I think it's a bit different this time. Yuuka knows that this person is making an enemy of all Gensokyo. But she still made it clear that she doesn't plan to cooperate with us.

Maybe she's plotting something else, in her own way?

Reimu Route posted:

Not our problem. We already know what we have to do.

What Shiro did is an incident, and we resolve those ourselves.

Based on her actions, I'm sure she has her eye on starting something else.

And that's when we'll catch her trail.

Right, and then we'll beat her up. That's how we do things around here!

Marisa Route posted:

That's not our problem, and it doesn't change what we have to do.

What Shiro did is a proper incident in and of itself, and we'll resolve it with our own hands.

Based on her actions, I'm sure she has her eye on starting something else.

And that's when we'll catch her trail.

Right, and then she's getting a good beating. That's how we do things around here!

Yes, they literally just swapped who said what.