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...It's been a while since I've come out this far. How nostalgic.

Now then, where is sh-

Yuuka Kazami.

Oh, long time no see. Have you been well?

Your greetings ring hollow at this stage of the game.

I had assumed I'd never see you again.

Oh, and why would that be?

You told them about me. Both the humans and the youkai. Did that not make clear your intent to go against me?

You're free to think of it however you like, but I didn't tell them about this place. I don't plan to help them any further, either. Although, if you don't trust me, would you care to try and chase me off?

...No need. I have no desire to begin a fruitless struggle.

But I was surprised to hear what you've been up to recently. I hear you tried to forcibly separate a youkai and god who had been fused?

That's right. Unfortunately, I failed.

I see you're not regretting anything.

Because this is the best way to protect the peace of this paradise. The progress of technology will warp human morality and plant the seeds of incurable anxiety. That's why dangerous elements must be purged before that can happen.

And in order to accomplish that, it didn't matter what happened to the host?

For any just cause, some sacrifices will be needed.

...Good grief, just listen to you. I showed up early, but I'm already sick of this conversation.

Yuuka Kazami, I sincerely hope that I can count on you to-

Oh, how you love the sound of your own voice. I'm on no one's side.

I won't support Reimu or the others, but I'm not going to listen to your drivel either. That's all there is to it.

Yuuka leaves.


I am not wrong.

In the outside world, the advance of technology and its associated set of values has given rise to an era filled with incurable anxiety.

But here in paradise, it's different. People live straightforward lives, just like they used to.

...Indeed, I must protect it.

The dream I've finally managed to give shape...

A tranquil world where people can have nightmares in peace.

EDIT: Just as a note, I totally screwed up my final thank you. HertzDevil gave me the FMW3 script, not Drake.