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The Journal

New Characters


One of the three protagonists for this story, but we have actually recently fought him as the Lingering Will in Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix HD.
VA: Jason Dohring


My, my, my doesn't this character look familiar. He is also protagonist number two.
VA: Jesse McCartney


Well how about that, this is the first we have had a female protagonist/playable character.
VA: Willa Holland

Master Eraqus

The current Keyblade Master and teacher for The Land of Departure. Also, rearrange the letters in his name and see what you get.
VA: Mark Hamill

Master Xehanort

There is definitely something off about this guy. Also, he was the guy that was originally going to leave Ventus on Destiny Islands in the opening movie.
VA: Leonard Nimoy (as Master Xehanort), David Gallagher (as Younger Xehanort)

Masked Boy

Don't really know much about this kid, though his voice is familiar.
VA: Haley Joel Osment

The Queen

The evil queen that wants Snow White dead and sends Terra out to do the deed.
VA: Susanne Blakeslee

Spirit of the Magic Mirror

This is the spirit you have to fight if you disobey the evil queen.
VA: Corey Burton

Prince Charming

This is the prince that hosted the ball that got Cinderella noticed. Not much more to him.
VA: Matt Nolan

Lady Tremaine

This is the wicked stepmother of Cinderella. She is your typical stepmom jealous of her stepdaughters good looks and whatnot.
VA: Susanne Blakeslee


You only wish this was the Russian princess of the same name. Nope, she is jealous of Cinderella just like her mom.
VA: Tress MacNeille


So, just like her mom and sister, she too is jealous of Cinderella's good fortune. It's almost like all three could be the same person.
VA: Russi Taylor

The Grand Duke

Now here is a good guy that is just average bumbling oaf, though that is more evident in the movie than here in the game.
VA: Rob Paulsen


We finally learn the name of The Masked Boy. Now that you can see his face, what do you think of Sora?
VA: Haley Joel Osment


Bet ya can't guess who this guys turns into. Here's a hint. Make an anagram of his name and add an "X".
VA: James Patrick Stuart

Dr. Jumba Jukiba

Hey look it's the creator of Experiment 626.
VA: David Ogden Stiers

Grand Councilwoman

This is the woman that originally thought it was best to banish 626 to some random Asteroid.
VA: Zoe Caldwell


This guy is the one who attempted to capture 626 after Agent Pleakley (not shown in Kingdom Hearts) and Dr. Jumba both failed.
VA: Kevin Michael Richardson

Experiment 221 (Sparky)

So this is Stitch's electrically-charged brother or something.
VA: Frank Welker

Young Hercules

This is the Hercules you basically saw in the animated show on the Disney channel.
VA: Josh Keaton

Zack Fair

Well, would you look at that? Seems like this verison of Zack is doing pretty good with no Shinra to screw him over.
VA: Rick Gomez

Captain Dark/Captain Justice

The villainous Captain Dark or "heroic" Captain Justice is basically just Pete trying to win some dumb Disney Town award.
VA: Jim Cummings


Monstro is finally in a Kingdom Hearts game as a character and not just a world. This is why I have included him in the characters section.


The fox themed kid from Peter Pan's Lost Boys.
VA: Mason Vale Cotton


This chubby little kid is the bear themed member of the Lost Boys.
VA: Wally Wingert


The medically-inclined dwarf of the seven dwarves that sometimes fumbles over his words.
VA: David Ogden Stiers


The angry one of the seven dwarves that is incredibly pessimistic.
VA: Corey Burton


As his name implies his personality is the direct opposite of Grumpy and he is a bit bigger than Doc.
VA: James Arnold Taylor


Surely, you can guess what his defining character trait is. This also contributed to his character design.
VA: Bill Farmer


This one is super shy and is quite often seen blushing.
VA: Jeff Bennett


I'm sure you will be able to identify this one quite easily.
VA: Bob Joles


Per the storyline of Snow White, this guy is recognizable by being completely mute and rather clumsy.

The Witch

You should know exactly who this is if you have watched Snow White. If you haven't then the voice actress should give you a clue.
VA: Susanne Blakeslee


This little guy is here to help Ventus fix up Cinderella's dress.
VA: Rob Paulsen


This is the family cat that belongs to Cinderella's evil stepmother.


So this is who Xaldin was before he was Xaldin.
VA: David Dayan Fisher


Even before becoming a Nobody, Even was ever the scientist.
VAerek Stephen Prince


Like Dilan, he was a much more pleasant and caring person before he was a Nobody.
VAave Boat


Ienzo was a shy and withdrawn kid before he became a Nobody, weird how that changed.
VA: Vincent Corazza


It seems Lea was always a charismatic individual that wanted to live forever.
VA: Quinton Flynn


Before they were Nobodies, Lea and Isa were the best of friends. Shame it didn't last.
VA: Kirk Thornton

The Unversed


The most basic of enemy Unversed. They dart around and meld with the floor like the Shadow Heartless from the previous Kingdom Hearts games.
Drops: Soothing Crystal 100% (Shop Level 1-6); Soothing Crystal 99%, Secret Gem 1% (Shop Level 7-8)


Essentially the second level Unversed and they are very similar to the Soldier Heartless.
Drops: Wellspring Crystal 30%, Potion 40%, Panacea 30% (Shop Level 1-2); Wellspring Crystal 50%, Hi-Potion 25%, Panacea 25% (Shop Level 3-8)


A large Unversed that will attack with punches, belly slams and ground pounds.
Drops: Pulsing Crystal 25%, Hungry Crystal 25%, Potion 50% (Shop Level 1-2); Pulsing Crystal 40%, Hungry Crystal 30%, Hi-Potion 30% (Shop Level 3-5); Pulsing Crystal 40%, Hungry Crystal 40%, Mega-Potion 20% (Shop Level 6-8)

Red Hot Chili

A small red Unversed that spews fireballs and rams into you. Very similar to the Red Nocturne Heartless.
Drops: Shimmering Crystal 20%, Potion 40%, Ether 40% (Shop Level 1-2); Shimmering Crystal 20%, Fire 40%, Ether 40% (Shop Level 3); Shimmering Crystal 45%, Ignite 5%, Ether 50% (Shop Level 4); Shimmering Crystal 25%, Fira 25%, Ether 50% (Shop Level 5-6); Shimmering Crystal 45%, Firaga 5%, Ether 50% (Shop Level 7-8)


A small plant-like Unversed that can either do a spin attack with its vines or a quick 1-2 slap with them.
Drops: Fleeting Crystal 40%, Sliding Dash 60% (Shop Level 1-2); Fleeting Crystal 50%, Fire Dash 50% (Shop Level 3-5); Fleeting Crystal 95%, Fire Surge 5% (Shop Level 6-8)

Wheel Master

The spinning wheel that Princess Aurora pricked her finger on has come to life as an Unversed and has several different attacks. The "Laser Thread" will trap you in a thread of energy, its "Spin Attack" will strike you with its arms if you are too close, the "Wheel Toss" has it throw the spinning wheel at you, the "Bounce" attack has it leap into the air and land with a shockwave and "Charge" has it glow red with anger and charge at the player.


A simple Unversed that just dashes at the player and attacks with its pickaxe arms.
Drops: Hungry Crystal 50%, Sleep 50% (Shop Level 1-3); Hungry Crystal 40%, Strike Raid 60% (Shop Level 4-5); Hungry Crystal 95%, Freeze Raid 5% (Shop Level 6); Hungry Crystal 40%, Strike Raid 60% (Shop Level 7-8)


Possibly the first instance of a mimic monster in Kingdom Hearts. It can spit poisonous bubbles that become poison pools on the ground, us the "Dig" attack from Pokemon and it can swallow and spit back out the player possibly causing the Poison status.
Drops: Shimmering Crystal 30%, Fleeting Crystal 30%, Poison 40% (Shop Level 1-2); Shimmering Crystal 40%, Poison 40%, Panacea 20% (Shop Level 3); Shimmering Crystal 40%, Poison Edge 30%, Panacea 30% (Shop Level 4-8)


A bunny-like Unversed that can cartwheel around and hit the player with its ears, spin around shooting lasers and shake its head and smack the player several times with its ears.
Drops: Hungry Crystal 40%, Potion 60% (Shop Level 1-2); Hungry Crystal 40%, Cure 60% (Shop Level 3-6); Hungry Crystal 40%, Cure 59%, Megalixir 1% (Shop Level 7-8)

Iron Imprisoner I

This Unversed can only be fought in the Mirage Arena and is a super annoying fight. Its attacks consist mainly of using its body to attack by swing itself around or spinning in a fiery tornado. It could also spawn a cage to trap you in or burst from the ground after disappearing. It can be stunned with Firaga, Triple Firaga, Sonic Blade, Meteor, Double Impact and most projectile shotlocks.


This guy has three attacks to be aware of. Kick does exactly what it says it does, so there isn't much to explain there. Shield is a barrier that makes it invincible for a bit and I'm pretty sure you can guess what Stomp does.
Drops: Fleeting Crystal 40%, Bind 60% (Shop Level 1-3); Fleeting Crystal 95%, Blackout 5% (Shop Level 4); Fleeting Crystal 50%, Binding Strike 50% (Shop Level 5-8)

Vile Phial

The Vile Phial has a couple of unique things going for it. It's abilities consist of Cure, Poison Dash ( darts towards its target and poisons him or her) and Poison Spray (sprays poison at its target, inflicting him or her with the Poison status).
Drops: Hungry Crystal 50%, Cura 25%, Hi-Potion 25% (Shop Level 5), Hungry Crystal 50%, Cura 25%, Mega-Potion 25% (Shop Level 6); Hungry Crystal 60%, Curaga 5%, Mega-Potion 35% (Shop Level 7-8)

Blue Sea Salt

The Blue Sea Salt is very similar to the Blue Rhapsody with its way of attacking. Deep Freeze has it spin when HP is low, creating a small tornado that freezes players on contact. Ice Shards has it do exactly what the name implies and Ice Block drops a mass of ice on the player.
Drops: Shimmering Crystal 20%, Blizzard 40%, Ether 40% (Shop Level 4); Shimmering Crystal 25%, Blizzara 25%, Ether 50% (Shop Level 5-6); Shimmering Crystal 50%, Blizzaga 5%, Mega-Ether 45% (Shop Level 7-8)

Prize Pod

The Prize Pod is an interesting enemy and is extremely similar to the Bulky Vendor from KH2 in that it only exists to hand out prizes. The gimmick here is that the prizes are Ice Cream Ingredients and which ones they will drop depend on what world you are fighting them on.
Drops: See here for its list of drops. There are too many to list in the thread.

Symphony Master

Symphony Master, much like every boss, has several attacks to look out for. Trumpet Blast has the trumpet blast Terra with sound waves, Malevolent Melody has the violin Terra with musical notes, Drum Roll has the drum charge at Terra, Orchestra Hit has all three instruments charge at Terra at the same time, Symphonic Slam has the Symphony Master leap into the air and slam into the ground, Baton Raid has the Symphony Master elongate its conductor's baton and throw it at Terra with a boomerang effect and Baton Shuriken has the Symphony Master separate its baton into smaller batons and throw them at Terra.

Tank Toppler

Tank Toppler is the Unversed that is most like the Large Body Heartless. This is because you can really only effectively attack the Tank Toppler from behind. If you try a frontal assault then you will end up making it self destruct and you won't get any rewards from it.
Drops:Pulsing Crystal 50%, Balloon Letter 25%, Zero Gravity 25% (Shop Level 4); Pulsing Crystal 50%, Balloon Letter 252%, Zero Gravira 25% (Shop Level 5-6); Pulsing Crystal 60%, Balloon Letter 35%, Zero Graviga 5% (Shop Level 7-8)

Iron Imprisoner II

Iron Imprisoner II is very much more dangerous than its predecessor. This is mostly due to arms now being free and able to wield that giant hammer.

Sonic Blaster

The Sonic Blaster is a completely unique to Birth by Sleep enemy and it has three interesting abilities. Laser has it lock on to the player and shoot them with a laser from its tail, Tail Whip has it smack the player with its tail and Warp has it teleport to avoid damage.
Drops: Fleeting Crystal 60%, Quick Blitz 40% (Shop Level 5-6); Fleeting Crystal 95%, Blitz 5% (Shop Level 7-8)


The Mandrake is another completely unique enemy with some different abilities. Leaf Cutter has it fire razor sharp leaves from its head, Poison has it hover around dispelling poisonous pollen and Headbutt has it ram into the player and cause confusion if its successful.
Drops: Abounding Crystal 60%, Aerora 40% (Shop Level 4-6); Abounding Crystal 95%, Aeroga 5% (Shop Level 7-8)

Chrono Twister

Yet another unique enemy, the Chrono Twister has four abilities you need to worry about. Stopga has it cast stopga on the player after all of the sand drains from one side of the hourglass, Time Warp has it teleport to avoid damage, Smack has it hit the player with its body and Dark Orb has it surround the player with multiple orbs and then smash into the player.
Drops: Fleeting Crystal 50%, Stop 25%, Slow 25% (Shop Level 4-5); Fleeting Crystal 50%, Stop 45%, Stopra 5% (Shop Level 6-8)

Trinity Armor

The Trinity Armor is very much similar to the Guard Armor and Opposite Armor from Kingdom Hearts in that it is one Unversed composed of smaller other Unversed. It has several attacks you need to watch out for. Fireballs has it shoot fireballs into the air which scatter across the arena when they land, Charge has it charge at the player, Swing Punch is a simple one-two punch, Laser has it rotate around firing a large laser from its torso, Aerial Laser has it fire the laser from above, Bounce has the legs bounce around, creating shockwaves as they land, Laser Spin has the arms and torso spin around firing lasers in all directions, Rocket Charge has the torso rockets into the air to avoid damage, Fireball Spin has the torso spins around shooting fireballs in all directions, Trinity Spin has all three components spin around the arena, damaging players and Trinity Laser has the components rotate around the arena while firing an electric arc down the middle.

Mimic Master

The Mimic Master is a simply annoying but not too difficult boss fight in the Mirage Arena. It has five abilities you need to watch out for. Book Slam has it slam the book on the ground, creating shockwaves, Fire Glide has it fly around book first, trailing fire, Vanish has it disappear into its book to avoid damage, Gyro Lasers has it protects itself with pages while firing lasers of light and darkness (laser of darkness will cause Blindness) and Clone has it use its book to absorb information from player(s) then creates many clones of the player.

Buckle Bruiser

This is another unique enemy for Birth by Sleep. He can punch you, throw his shields at you and he is immune to physical attacks from the front.
Drops: Pulsing Crystal 50%, Hungry Crystal 25%, Hi-Potion 25% (Shop Level 5); Pulsing Crystal 90%, Mine Shield 5%, Mine Square 5% (Shop Level 6-8)

Axe Flapper

A bat-like Unversed that attacks mostly with its wings.
Drops: Abounding Crystal 60%, Stun Edge 40% (Shop Level 5-6)

Triple Wrecker

Another one of the few unique Unversed that hasn't had a similar Nobody or Heartless version. It has fire, ice and thunder element attacks it will try to hit you with.
Drops: Wellspring Crystal 90%, Magnega 5%, Collision Magnet 5% (Shop Level 7-8)

Wild Bruiser

This gorilla like Unversed is a mean customer if you don't pay attention. He can and will hit you very hard.
Drops: Pulsing Crystal 90%, Aeroga 5%, Elixir 5% (Shop Level 7-8)

Iron Imprisoner III

Iron Imprisoner III is very similar to his siblings except he now has a hammer now that his hands are free and spins around like a whirling dervish to smack you around.
Drops: N/A

Iron Imprisoner IV

This is the final form of the Iron Imprisoner and even now he is getting new attacks. He now has Explosion where he will suck you in and self destruct and Possession where he "possesses" the arena and starts flinging the symbols that surround it at you.
Drops: N/A


An annoying enemy that constantly shoots meteors. The objective of its Unversed mission is to hit 30 meteor before they hit the ground. Use of Magnera or Magnega is highly recommended.
Drops: Firaga (For 3-Starring The Mission)

Lone Runner

This boot unversed is very easy to kill and not at all a threat. The objective of its Unversed mission is to kill 30 of them before time runs out.
Drops: Illusion-L Friendship Command (For 3-Starring The Mission)

Vitality Vial

This little Unversed will poison and attack attack you. The objective of its Unversed mission is to survive for at least 2 minutes while being poisoned in a way that can't be cured. Use of multiple Curas or Curagas in your command deck is highly recommended.
Drops: Illusion-V Friendship Command (For 3-Starring The Mission)

Belly Balloon

This hops and bops around to attack you. The objective of its Unversed mission is to defeat it by knocking the air out it within 30 seconds. You can only knock air out of it by hitting it from behind.
Drops: Illusion-B Friendship Command (For 3-Starring The Mission)

Gluttonous Goo

This guy will just smack you around for damage as well preventing you from completing the mission. The objective of its Unversed mission is to hit the Gluttonous Goo with enough damage to knock balls out of it and capture at least 90 of those balls and hold on to them until time runs out.
Drops: Stun Block For Terra/Ven or Stop Barrier For Aqua (For 3-Starring The Mission)

Element Cluster

This totem pole Unversed will spit elemental attacks at you depending on which depend on which head is in the middle. The objective of its Unversed mission is to gain at least 75 points in 2 minutes by hitting the cluster with an attack of the same element that is represented by the currently middle head.
Drops: Voltage Stack Friendship Command (For 3-Starring The Mission)

Floating Flora

This weed-like Unversed is doesn't actually attack you at all during the mission. The objective of its Unversed mission is to gain at least 350 points by smacking it around. Be aware, that you can gain points by hitting it when it is in the air and it takes one normal combo to knock it into the air when it is planted.
Drops: Illusion-L Friendship Command (For 3-Starring The Mission)

Mad Treant

The boss for Ven's version of Dwarf Woodlands. It uses poison attacks and likes to stomp around for a physical attack.