There are known issues with Kaspersky products and lpix. If you are using a Kaspersky program (Anti-virus or Internet Security), try disabling them if you are having problems.

NOTE Feb 2017: LPix now runs entirely on https. Because of this, the rightload/sharex plugin or config must be updated. Check the links in the footer.

ShareX allows custom image uploaders to be set. Below is the code you can use for lpix.

Make sure that you change 'myUsername' and 'myPassword', and you can change the gallery if you wish.

  "Name": "lpix",
  "DestinationType": "ImageUploader",
  "RequestType": "POST",
  "RequestURL": "https://lpix.org/api",
  "FileFormName": "file",
  "Arguments": {
    "username": "myUsername",
    "password": "myPassword",
    "gallery": "Default",
    "output": "json"
  "ResponseType": "Text",
  "URL": "$json:imageurl$",
  "ThumbnailURL": "$json:thumburl$",
  "DeletionURL": ""